hist-games: Freq. Asked Questions -- Part II

Jeff Singman jsingman at umich.edu
Mon Oct 20 05:06:12 PDT 1997

> 	1) Backgammon
> 		Medievally known as "tables", ancient in origin.
Essentially, Tables refers to an entire family of games played with a
Backgammon set; as Mark notes B'gammon itself is a latecomer, but in the
English-speaking world seems to have chased out all the other games in the

> 	2) Bowling (nine-pins)
> 		I haven't a clue!
As far as I can tell, nine-pins seems to be a 16c development (at least,
the earliest documentation appears to be 16c); it is a hybrid of 2
medieval games: the pins come from Kayles (essentially nine-pins with a
throwing-stick instead of a ball); the ball probably from Bowls (as in
modern Lawn-Bowling).

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