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Jeff Singman jsingman at umich.edu
Thu Sep 18 13:01:58 PDT 1997

On 8 Sep 1997 MCKAY_MICHAEL at tandem.com wrote:

> > felt might be too modern...cloth might be okay
>    Although I don't know if felt was used for games, I am absolutly sure that
> felt was used for a wide variety of other purposes through-out history.   One
> of the more striking uses of felt are the yurts (tents) of the Mongols.  The
> process of felting was well known and much used throughout history.  Check out
> the web sites: "http://www.pbm.com/~lindahl/rialto/felting-msg.html" and
> "http://www.pbm.com/~lindahl/rialto/Mongols-msg.html".

 Felt in our period is just a way of finishing woolen cloth--& most woolen
cloth seems to have been pretty heavily felted. Green cloth was used to
cover billiards tables, but I have never seen any evidence for its use for
other sorts of games--wooden boards seem to have been the norm. The use of
felt for modern boards (if you're thinking of the roll-up games) reflects
the expense of labour to produce a decent wooden board, which was less an
issue in a period when labour was quite cheap. JLS

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