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> felt might be too modern...cloth might be okay

   Although I don't know if felt was used for games, I am absolutly sure that
felt was used for a wide variety of other purposes through-out history.   One
of the more striking uses of felt are the yurts (tents) of the Mongols.  The
process of felting was well known and much used throughout history.  Check out
the web sites: "http://www.pbm.com/~lindahl/rialto/felting-msg.html" and
   The problem with proving or disproving a statement like "felt (and/or cloth)
was used to contruct board games" is that clothing and felt both "wither away"
over time, so we are very unlikely to find a period game board which still has
the original felt or cloth on it.
   The following are examples of things we could accept as evidence: finding a
board game with fragments of felt or cloth (every once in a while, they find
things well preserved in peat bogs...); written evidence; very clear drawings;
existing game pieces that give an indication cloth or felt were used.

Michael McKay  (known in the SCA as Seaan McAy)

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