hist-games: Whist / Ruff / Triumph

Mark Waks justin at inmet.com
Fri Sep 5 08:30:08 PDT 1997

John McLeod wrote:
> Thierry Depaulis' recent book "Histoire du Bridge" (editions Bornemann
> 1997 - ISBN 2 85182 560 7) is useful on this subject. He identifies
> English Triumph (or Trump) as the ancestor of Ruff and Whist.

Oh, cool -- I didn't realize Thierry's new book was out. (He told me
last year that he was working on this, but didn't give a publication
date.) Time to see if my wife is willing to translate for me, my French
being pretty weak...

Thanks for word that this is out, and for the useful quotes. This is
definitely a book I need to get; while I was vaguely aware of the
Triumph family, I've seen precious little documentation previously...

				-- Justin

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