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MCKAY_MICHAEL at tandem.com MCKAY_MICHAEL at tandem.com
Thu Sep 4 15:27:00 PDT 1997

I quoted a post from rec.games.playing-cards
>> From Maikeru Long <mlong at u.arizona.edu>:
>> the Tarot deck was introduced in 1449 by Jacopo Marcello.

Then Brusten (patsmith at dnaco.net) wrote:
> See A Wicked Pack of Cards - the Origins of the Occult Tarot  by ...

> They place the invention of the Tarot deck between 1410 and 1442, with
> aprox. 1425 the most likely. They definately existed in 1442, so no one
> could introduce them seven years later.

   Thanks for providing the information and appropriate cite.  I wanted to
clarify that I did not believe the quoted post, but was interested in knowing
more about this [incorrect] statement.  Who was Jacopo Marcello, and why would
someone would claim that he invented the Tarot?

   I guess I should clarify my question about the books too.  I understand that
both "Wicked..." and "The Game of Tarot" are probably the best sources for this
type of information.  Since I already have both, are the other books worth
reading?  (Alfred Douglas's _The Tarot: The Origins, Meanings, and Us of the
Cards_, and Colin Wilson's _The Occult:  A History_)  Do they add any more
information, reference different sources, have lots of errors, etc.

   It is a good thing to make sure that incorrect information does not get
propagated.  In my first post, I should have been very clear that the quote was
"highly suspect".  There is a line between assuming that people know all the
background vs. detailing every post to death, and I'm sure it will take a while
to figure out what is best for this list.  Meanwhile, thanks for keeping the
record straight.

Michael McKay  (known in the SCA as Seaan McAy)
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