hist-games: Re:Warri or Mancala?

Lachlan Jones boston at terrigal.net.au
Tue Sep 2 21:45:07 PDT 1997

Hi everybody!

The Warri/Mancala connection had me confused for a little while also,
however as I see it Warri is a version of Mancala.

 Mancala is actually a name given to a family of games which have certain
common features i.e the board and playing pieces, general mode of play, but
there are a couple of hundred different versions, so I've heard. The
difference between the sets of rules is about how the stones are
captured(feel free to correct me anyone!!)

I know of about four versions of Mancala. In the Egyptian rules you capture
the opponent's stones if you finish your move on a pit on your side of the
board which previously had no stones in it. In this case you capture the
stones which are in the opponent's pit directly opposite.

In Warri, however, a capture occurs when the last stone played makes a total
of two or three in one of the opponent's pits. A pit containing three or
more seeds cannot be captured. Confused now??? See web page
http://cs.millersv.edu/~memasten/chapter1.html for a good description of
Warri rules.

3 rule versionsof Mancala(Egyptian, Nigerian and Ethiopian) can be tried out
against a Java Mancala program at www.cris.com/~Ldkohl/classes/Mancala.shtml

Let me know of any other rule versions you know. I'd like to hear them!!



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