hist-games: Mancala

Andrea Benton abenton at acesag.auburn.edu
Mon Sep 1 10:59:23 PDT 1997


Mancala is a board games, usually made out of wood, with six cups in each
row, and two home cups...kinda looks like a egg carton. Usually between 2

Most games start by putting 4 pieces in each cup, 21 cups total. The
object is to remove the beans from your side, and sow them around the
board. There are diffrent versions of the rules. Some capture your
oppenets pieces, some try to get their pieces into their home cup.

I'm looking at a library book called "The World of Games, Their Origins
and History..." It has alot of information on older style games. It has 3
versions of Mancala too.

I play a simple version...it's easy enough, that my kids play it also..


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