hist-games: Rock and pit type games

patsmith patsmith at dnaco.net
Sun Aug 31 21:54:10 PDT 1997

Some time ago a question was asked as to whether or not the rock and pit
type games were played in Europe during the SCAs period. I have been
meaning to answer for quite a while, but the pressures of real life have
prevented my doing so until now.
Various forms of rock and pit games can be documented as being played in
Europe in the SCAs period.  Most of these games are known from Moorish
Spain, Turkey, and other areas in frequent contact with the Islamic world,
but not all. National Geographic reported a cave-dwelling in Germany where
2 rolls of 7 pits each had been carved into the floor. It is not knownwhat
they were used for when dug, of course, but they have been claimed to be 
the oldest traces of games detected to date.  The dwellings have been
to be possible 50,000 years old.  (I wanted to be able to site the issue
National Geographic here, but frankly I havent had time to find it.)
I do play the games, but frankly prefer more western-european games.
Still, Europe includes both Western and Eastern Europe, and the games can
documented in Europe prior to 1600.

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