hist-games: Mumbly Peg

bjm10 at cornell.edu bjm10 at cornell.edu
Sat Aug 30 19:06:00 PDT 1997

M--[whatever] peg, as I played it whilst in grade school had two 
versions, both played with those pocketknives that your mother did not 
want your father to get for you.

The sane version was similar to horseshoes played with knives.  The 
object was to toss your knife so it stuck into the ground, point-down, as 
close as possible to the mark.

The crazed animal version was a form of "chicken"--the mark was your own 
foot, and the winner was whomever got closest without actually hitting 

According to my Webster's Ninth New Collegiate Dictionary (the only 
source I have at hand at the moment) "mumblety peg" or "mumble the peg" 
entered the English language around 1630.

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