hist-games: re: marbles

Henry Best jstrauss at gmu.edu
Thu Aug 21 07:18:21 PDT 1997

Dafydd said:

> I just looked at the large poster version (Children's Games; Breughel,
> 1560) in my bathroom, and I don't see anyone playing marbles.  Lots of
> different bowling/kayles/knucklebones games; a huge number of unfamiliar
> games (throwing hats for distance between the spread legs of another
> player, for example), but no marbles.

Ah yes. I remember that poster. Dafydd's home is the sort of place where
even taking a leak is an education....

It looks like I'm _finally_ going to get my hands on a set of sheeps'
knucklebones. (I've even met the sheep and explained to her that she will
continue to make people happy long after she's been eaten. She seemed
unimpressed with this information.) Do we already have rules for games
that use knucklebones or do I need to go digging? 


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