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On Wed, 20 Aug 1997 bjm10 at cornell.edu wrote:
> Furthermore, original English pronunciation was likely to have been as it 
> was spelled ['tar-ot] as opposed to the affectatious [tah-'roh], which 
   I have never been able to see why we should pronounce the English
corruption of an Italian word (whose analogs in all the Germanic languages
end in hard consonants) as though it were _French_.

> may have been introduced in the 19th century by Uncle Al, Frater 666.  It 
or may not
 was he who coined the terms "minor arcana" and "major arcana".
Unlikely in the EXTREME, as they are used by his bitter enemy Waite. 
(Crowley was much given to "filing off the serial numbers" from GD
  Wait also changed the Coins to "Pentacles", and the Pope and
Popess to "High Priest" and "High Priestess".
Before > then, the "major

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