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Britt tierna at agora.rdrop.com
Thu Aug 21 02:18:50 PDT 1997

> > Not a bad idea at all. I can think of three or four things to put
> > on there to begin with. Anyone want to take on the job of assembling
> > this FAQ? I don't have time this month...
> > 				-- Justin
> Okay.  I guess I can handle that.  Send me the "three or four things" and
> I'll combine it with the notes I've been making.  Anyone else wish to
> contribute?
> 							-- Dagonell

Define the SCA-isms we regularly use, such as "period", "OOP" and "out of
period", and what we mean when we say "document/eed".  
Reference all related sites under the heading "Where can I find...?".
And put in something about the pit-and-stone gmaes we've been trying to

- Britt (kept FAQs, still do, never volunteering again!)
  "Spiders are relatively high in protein, but they tickle."
                                                            - Kehlog Albran

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