hist-games: Re: hist-games-digest V1 #14

Lachlan Jones boston at terrigal.net.au
Wed Aug 20 15:48:41 PDT 1997

Football - anyone like to postulate what you could use for a period 
"ball" - besides a victims head?

I believe the most common ball at the time was a pig's bladder- although
this could be hard to come by as well.......

Soccer is definitely a period game. Looking up my Colliers Encyclopaedia it
says that 'beginning with the reign of Henry II in England in the twelfth
century and continuing for more than four hundred years, "futballe" was
banned in that country on the grounds that it interfered with archery practice'.

And again 'Not only in country districts, villages, towns and cities did
football flourish, but the leading public schools also played it, adapting
the details of play largely to their individual ground facilities.' 

 I'm sure that people would have still played it when the king or his
sheriffs weren't around..just like they weren't allowed to poach the royal
deer, like...

Great discussion- 



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