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Wed Aug 20 11:49:03 PDT 1997

David Salley wrote:
> I'm gradually converting my "Game of the Month" column from our local
> newsletter into html.  It'll appear on my web-site when I'm done.

Great; keep me posted, and I'll link it in when you're ready...

>> [Period Games FAQ]
> Okay.  I guess I can handle that.  Send me the "three or four things" and
> I'll combine it with the notes I've been making.  Anyone else wish to
> contribute?

Okay, here are a few to start off with:

Q: Can you tell me where to find information about period children's
games? (The number one question *I* get from the period games page.)

A: I usually recommend Salaamallah's book, which has a pretty
substantial number of games appropriate for kids. I believe I have the
ordering info at:


Q: Are there period games played with Tarot cards? (A pretty frequent

A: Yes; the Tarot was originally used for a large family of trick-taking
games, from the later Renaissance up to the modern day.

Q: Where can I find rules for period games?

A: Pointers to the Period Games page, as well as several of the more
useful books (Salaamallah, Bell, maybe Murray -- what else?).

The single most common question is probably "Is game X period?", but I'm
not sure how to handle that -- X can commonly be any of dozens of games
known today, and a proper answer will often involve a couple of
sentences. (Especially if we are running the definition of "period"
beyond SCA period -- in that case, we need to define *when* a given game
came around.) It may well be worth a long section, though, simply
listing games with a sentence or two about the origins of each.

				-- Justin

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