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David Salley salley at niktow.canisius.edu
Wed Aug 20 14:14:08 PDT 1997

> > c:   Collect all the info on a website.  If someone will collate the
> >      information I'll gladly put it on my website.

> Sorry, but I beat you to that punch long ago. The Period Games Homepage
> is well-established and pretty substantial; it's at:
> 	http://www.inmet.com/~justin/game-hist.html

I'm gradually converting my "Game of the Month" column from our local 
newsletter into html.  It'll appear on my web-site when I'm done.

> > d:   In additon to the authentic games perhaps develop a FAQ out of
> >      period games like dominos.  This would  be to minimise offtopic
> >   discussion, especailly from newbies as the list matures.

> Not a bad idea at all. I can think of three or four things to put
> on there to begin with. Anyone want to take on the job of assembling
> this FAQ? I don't have time this month...
> 				-- Justin

Okay.  I guess I can handle that.  Send me the "three or four things" and
I'll combine it with the notes I've been making.  Anyone else wish to
							-- Dagonell
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