hist-games: The tarot

Mark Waks justin at inmet.com
Wed Aug 20 06:49:50 PDT 1997

bjm10 at cornell.edu quotes me and asks:
> > dozens of Tarot games down the centuries. Also, I have a
> > slightly-speculative reconstruction of a late-Renaissance
> > Tarot game on the Period Games Homepage, based on a
> Would this be the three-handed game "Tarrocci"?

No, sorry -- it's an amalgam of the two versions of "early French
Tarot" Dummett describes; since my persona is 1597 Calais, this
was the most useful for me. I basically took the two versions he
gives, and combine a couple of features to get a single game that
seems good and playable. (Dummett, being a good scholar, describes
only what can be certified from the original sources, and his
descriptions aren't quite complete. Since I'm interested in games
that I can really play, I did what I could to sensibly extrapolate
from his descriptions. I don't think I did anything unreasonable,
but I do caveat that this version isn't precisely from a single
period source...)

				-- Justin

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