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Mark Waks justin at inmet.com
Wed Aug 20 04:56:28 PDT 1997

David Salley wrote:
> >From _A History of Card Games_ by David Parlett
> Cribbage: invented by Sir John Suckling (1609-1642)

Well, maybe -- I've seen claims that this attribution may be
apocryphal. Regardless, it's a tweak of the earlier game

> Whist: invented by Charles Cotton, 1674

Well, first *referenced* by Cotton. I strongly doubt he
invented it -- Cotton was a plagiarist of epic proportions,
and I don't think he did much original. This is basically
a variant of the Ruff family, of which there seem to be
several games...

> Billiards:

Certainly period, but note that the period game was *quite*
different from the modern. In fact, the period descriptions
make it quite obvious that billiards started life as
essentially tabletop croquet (it's in the same family as
croquet would grow out of, anyway), with an arch and a pin
set on the table. The holes were originally just obstacles;
they didn't apparently become the goal until much later, as
far as I can tell...

				-- Justin

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