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Maynard, Steven SMaynard at qtrndss1.telstra.com.au
Tue Aug 19 20:59:00 PDT 1997

  >  > The following games are modern, but they "feel" like they
probably do have
  >  > appropriate ancestors within our period of interest.  I'd like to
see a
  >  > discussion of the history of these games to better classify them:
  >  >    Poker: 19th century, ancestors include AsNaz, Poch, Piquet
  >  I don't know -- Poker really feels like nothing but Poker to me.
  >  isn't
  >  all that close; I'd be more inclined to relate it to Gleek, which
  >  least
  >  has a little of the high-stakes vying flavor in it. Piquet I don't
  >  any
  >  relationship with; how do you figure?
 Pokers ancestor was actually a card game called PRIMA (PRIMEO?) which I
beleive was a 15c Itallian card game. There was an article on it in a
recent Tournaments Illuminated, which I unfortunately don't have at hand
at the monment.


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