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  >  Subject: Re: hist-games: Games we can talk about
  >  Date: Wednesday, 20 August 1997 8:28AM
  >     This is a good subject to discuss, for a new list.  Justin,
although many
  >  people on this list are also SCA members, I don't think a
traditional SCA
  >  period cut-off (i.e. 1600-1650) is appropriate for this list.  My
line is
  >  fuzzy, but I tend to get much less interested in things after 1800.
This is a good point, because this list is not specificly aimed at SCA
people and some people who are involved with post SCA period groups or
have interests out the SCA period may subscribe to this list, maybe
there should be some definition of what is a "Historical game" to give
some sort scope to discussions on this list.


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