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David Levy dlevy at best.com
Tue Aug 19 19:58:20 PDT 1997

(1) I'm delighted to see some traffic on this list!

(2) Be careful about equating Reversi and Othello. Yes, in the 1890's a
board game was invented (simultaneously by two different people!) called
Reversi which is virtually identical to Othello. But there is a very old
card game variously called Reversy, Reversi and Reversis. The earliest
reference I have seen is "Le plaisant jeu du reversy des dames, ou le doux
entretien des bonnes compagnies. Paris: Claude Gouralt. 1634." I have not
studied the game. It is played with a Spanish 48 card deck minus the tens. 

(3) Poker history. The late 19th and early 20th century writings of R. F.
Foster trace the history of the game pretty well.  An excerpt from Foster's

"Properly speaking, Poker is not the founder, but simply the most famous
representative of a very ancient and always very popular family of games,
all of which can be traced to one source, the old French game of Gilet,
which was undoubtedly of italian origin, perhaps a variety of Primero. Gilet
we find changed to Brelan in the time of Charles IX.. From Brelan we trace
the French games of Bouillotte, and Ambigu, and the English game of Brag;
which are undoubtedly the forerunners of American Poker, the only difference
being in the number of cards dealt to each player."

(4) I am very interested in Whist, if not too new for the list.  

(5) Piquet, anyone? Pretty much acknowledged to be the best two handed card
game and certainly "period", at least the 36 card version.

(6) Trictrac anyone? This French relative of Ticktack is certainly period
and has been occupying much of my attention lately. If there is interest, I
have a pretty good bibliography and am working to get the rules down in
English. To my knowledge, there has never been anything written in English
about Trictrac. I would love to be proved wrong. 

(7) After Trictrac, my next projects are going to be Ombre and Ecarte, not
necessarily in that order. Any interest?
David Levy
dlevy at best.com

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