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> Here is a list of games we can talk about, (believe it or not, they > 
> meet the criteria).

Here are my additions - and a few comments. 

> Board Games

Fox & Geese
> Field Games 
> Bowling. (nine-pins)

Probably at least towards the end of the list period.

Aunt Sally - at least 12th C.

Horse Shoes? (and/or quoits)

Real Tennis

Fives? (with knucklebones)

Pall Mall was coming into the UK during the Stuart period.  I have a ref 
somewhere to Charles I playing it (V. Wedgewood?)

Ringing the Bull (usually played indoors)
9 mens morris has been mentioned as a board game but was also played 
outside (ref. Shakespeare)

Football - anyone like to postulate what you could use for a period 
"ball" - besides a victims head?


Bowls - Wal Raleigh

> The list was getting very slow....

Your list is a Good Idea to stimulate conversation at least (:-)> 

What would be very nice would be to:

A:   agree a list of period games (and sports?) with appropriate refs.

B:   Agree workable rules for these games

c:   Collect all the info on a website.  If someone will collate the    
     information I'll gladly put it on my website.

d:   In additon to the authentic games perhaps develop a FAQ out of     
     period games like dominos.  This would  be to minimise offtopic    
  discussion, especailly from newbies as the list matures.  

I'll dig out my documentation sometime and see what else I can come up 
Barnacle Bill
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