hist-games: Poker vs. Poch

MCKAY_MICHAEL at tandem.com MCKAY_MICHAEL at tandem.com
Mon Aug 18 18:00:00 PDT 1997

Justin (justin at inmet.com) wrote:
> I don't know -- Poker really feels like nothing but Poker to me. Poch
> isn't all that close

   Standard excuse #1 (references at home and I'm at work).  Poch is a German
gambling game (15 or 16th century), played in 2 to 3 stages.  The second stage
of Poch is very similar to a simplified poker game: bidding around the table
for the best hand; although just for sets-of-cards; ignoring flushes,
straights, and two-pair.
   To make up for this skinny post, I'll post the Poch rules within a the next
couple of weeks.  Since I'm teaching a class on this game next month, I need to
do it anyway.
   That reminds me, I have to find the 3-part article on Poch that was
published in the Journal of the International Playing-Card Society.  By chance,
would anybody have these articles close to hand?  I've been meaning to order
the back issues for the last couple of years ...

Michael McKay  (known in the SCA as: Seaan McAy)

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