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At 10:09 AM 8/20/97 +1000, Martin Hungerford <jongleur at netcon.net.au> wrote:
>>> Golf
>>Hmm. I've forgotten -- when *did* golf start?
>not sure when it started, but James Grahame, 1st Marquis of Montrose was 
>good at it.


Well, I went to my handi-dandi "Concise Columbia Encyclopeida, Second
Edition" (which humbly proclaims itself "the best desk encyclopedia" ...
cough-cough, snorkle-ha! ... but pretty okay) and found this:

"Golf:  ... [no, I'm not going to type the whole danged citation <grin>]
"... Although its origin is unknown, golf is identified with Scotland, where
it was played as early as 1457 ... The game may have been played in America
in the 17th century, but the first permanent club, at Yonkers, NY, was not
organized until 1888 ..."

Also, it seems to me that on a trip to St. Andrews, Scotland, many years
ago, I recall that town boasting itself the "birth place" of golf, that its
course was the oldest in continuous use, and that the game started there
almost a thousand years ago (give or take a few exaggerations).  Since my
interests in the town at the time were for the college and also the woollen
mills, I didn't pursue the information further.  Naturally now, many years
later, I want to know.  Hey-ho.

Regarding this list: I hope it will provide more information on games that
can be played and/or demonstrated at "period" events (especially 16th
century recreations).  

Many thanks for further information.  Looking forward to future posts by others.


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