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>From _A History of Card Games_ by David Parlett

Poker: invented in the Louisiana Purchase territory, 1803
Cribbage: invented by Sir John Suckling (1609-1642)
Rummy: earliest reference is 1901
Whist: invented by Charles Cotton, 1674

>From Encyc. Britannica

Cricket: earliest citation 1744
Golf: Decree of Parliament dated March 1457, it seems archers were
	neglecting their practice in order to play a few rounds. ;-)

"Let us go to billiards."  -- Shakespeare (Cleopatra, 1607)
also mentioned by:
Edmund Spencer (Mother Hubbard's Tale, 1591)
Ben Jonson (1637)
George Chapman (1598) "Go Aspasia, send for some ladies who could play with
	you at chess, at billiards, and at other games."
Mary, Queen of Scots (1576) complains her billiard table had been taken away
	in her captivity.
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