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Tue Aug 19 15:28:00 PDT 1997

   This is a good subject to discuss, for a new list.  Justin, although many
people on this list are also SCA members, I don't think a traditional SCA
period cut-off (i.e. 1600-1650) is appropriate for this list.  My line is
fuzzy, but I tend to get much less interested in things after 1800.
   But I don't consider that to be a solid cutoff either, as I'm sure that the
Amercian Civil War people could probably have some pretty interesting
conversations.  I'd like the list to be a resource for the historically minded
   By my arbritrary standards, I'd think most of the games mentioned are "OK",
with the following exceptions.  These games are modern and don't have any
"appropriate" ancestors (i.e. historically related versions) that I'm aware of
(corrections gladly accepted!):
   Riversi (aka. Othello): 20th century
   Monoploy: 20th century
   Rummy: 19th century
   Cribbage: 18th century

The following games are modern, but they "feel" like they probably do have
appropriate ancestors within our period of interest.  I'd like to see a
discussion of the history of these games to better classify them:
   Poker: 19th century, ancestors include AsNaz, Poch, Piquet
   Croquet: 19th century, ?
   Hockey:   ?
   Baseball: ?
   Cricket:  ?

Let us not forget some of the other games:
   Board: Parchesi, "tafl", 9-man Morris (also 3,5,12)
   Field: "foot" ball, tennis, tag, blindman's bluff, capture-the-flag
   Cards: Karnoffel, Tarot variants, converted dice games (21, 31, Landknetch)
   Other: Billards, hazzard

Michael McKay  (known in the SCA as Seaan McAy)
mckay_michael at tandem.com  or seaanmcay at aol.com

> From:    zzul518 at IDT.NET
> Subject: hist-games: Games we can talk about.
> Here is a list of games we can talk about, (believe it or not, they meet
> the criteria).
> Board: Checkers, (draughts), Chess, Backgammon, Mancala, Riversi,
> Monopoly...(or the equivelent)
> Field: Hockey, (shinney), Bowling. (nine-pins), Golf, baseball (rounders),
> Croquet, Cricket
> Card: Whist, Poker, Cribbage, Rummy

>> From: justin at inmet.com
>> Well -- no, not really. Despite the name, I believe this list is focused
>> on Really Old Games (medieval & renaissance, maybe sliding into the
>> Baroque somewhat).

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