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Jeff Singman jsingman at umich.edu
Tue Aug 19 15:16:05 PDT 1997

> > Hockey, (shinney)
Quite appropriate, in the English version, ie. North American field
hockey. I've seen no evidence of the ice-version, although the Dutch may
have had some ice-games, as illustrated in 17c paintings.

> > Bowling. (nine-pins)
A relatively late development--probably 16c, as far as I can
tell--involving a combination of the bowl from bowls with the pins from
kayles (both medieval games).
> > Golf
The earliest refs. I can call to mind are 15c.
> Baseball
There are various bat-and-ball games, although they are poorly
understood--mostly known only from illuss. 
> > Cricket
Mentioned in the 16c, and possibly similar to some versions of Stoolball.

Just such info as I could think of without rummaging... JLS

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