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Mark Waks justin at inmet.com
Tue Aug 19 11:37:05 PDT 1997

Zax wrote:
> Here is a list of games we can talk about, (believe it or not, they meet
> the criteria).

Well -- no, not really. Despite the name, I believe this list is focused
on Really Old Games (medieval & renaissance, maybe sliding into the
Baroque somewhat). So not all of the games on the list qualify, although
some do:

> Checkers, (draughts)

Yes, in various forms.

> Chess
> Backgammon

Very much so -- both are quite ancient.

> Mancala

More or less, anyway -- it's debateably SCA-appropriate, and certainly

> Riversi
> Monopoly...(or the equivelent)

No; both are, I believe, 20th century. Reversi really doesn't have any
close analogues to period. Monopoly is, of course, modern, but we could
certainly talk about its soi-distant ancestor, The Game of the Goose...

> Hockey, (shinney)

Possible; haven't looked into this.

> Bowling. (nine-pins)

I don't *think* nine-pins is that old, although it might be. Some
of bowling are certainly ancient.

> Golf

Hmm. I've forgotten -- when *did* golf start?

> baseball (rounders)

Not baseball per se, but some ancestors.

> Croquet

Not per se, unfortunately -- although popular in the SCA, everything
I've seen indicates that Croquet is 19th century. But Pall Mall, a
somewhat similar ancestor, is period.

> Cricket

No clue how old Cricket is, although I doubt it's period...

> Whist

Not quite, although it's a close descendent of some period games.

> Poker

Nowhere near, as far as I can tell -- 19th century.

> Cribbage

More or less period.

> Rummy

No clue -- where does Rummy come from?

> The list was getting very slow....

True, although I'm hoping volume stays modest, although steady. I have
enough lists that deluge me with junk mail -- hopefully this one will
stay relevant...

				-- Justin

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