hist-games: 10 Commandments game

David Salley salley at niktow.canisius.edu
Wed Jul 30 05:15:58 PDT 1997

> What was that game the Egyptian princess was playing in the
> movie: "the 10 Commandments"? Fox and Hounds?

I'd have to go back and see the movie again, AFTER Pennsic.

> Also, I have a copy of S & R "Ur, Royal game of Summer" 
> is that as old as they say it is, or is it a lot of Bullish?

Nope.  It _IS_ as old as they say it is.  Copies of the game have been
found in the pyramids.  Problem is, we have only the game board and pieces,
no one left behind a set of rules. :-(  :-(  If you read the fine print very
closely there should be a statement to that effect.  S&R made up their own
rules for copyright purposes, feel free to make up your own.

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