hist-games: Will the real Halatafl please stand up?

Lachlan Jones boston at terrigal.net.au
Tue Jul 29 16:40:13 PDT 1997

Hi there everybody,

I should introduce myself. I'm in Australia, and I've always been interested
in history.

I got interested in ancient games when I was looking through some junk mail
for a book club and there was a publication by Irving Finkel titled Ancient
Board Games. It focused on Egyptian games, and rather than join the club and
be annoyed every month with books I have no need or space for, I thought I'd
look up the Net to see what I could find about the games.

Now I've got enough info to fill a book myself! However I have come across
an anomaly I would like to clear up.

I loaded Steve Neeley's shareware for the Fox and Geese game Halatafl, and
it's a great game but appears to be markedly different from the game
Halatafl described on the 'Games of the Anglo Saxon and Viking Age' page on
the Web.
The latter is much like plain solitaire I thought. So I wonder to the world:
Who is correct? Are they both correct? Are there two Halatafls? Will th real
Halatafl stand up??


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