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Mon Jul 28 17:54:32 PDT 1997

> Remember the eps in the Herc/Xena shows that depict ancient versions of
> modern casino games?  I know that it was intendended as anacronistic
> humor, but I was wondering....is there any basis in history to that type
> of gaming?

> I know dice go all the back to biblical days, (and before), and cards go
> back to the middle ages; and what about roulette and others.
> Yeah, I know this is a silly question, I want to start something.

>From "Games of the World" ed. by Frederic V. Grunfeld:
"Roulette originated in France in the seventeenth century, and derives from
a game called _hoca_ which was very popular in southern and central Europe
at that time.  In hoca, a wheel was used to throw a ball into one of 
several pockets, and stakes were wagered on the outcome.  The powerful
Cardinal Mazarin opened hoca gaming houses all over France; the immense
profits he gained were discovered after his death in 1661, and the government
promptly mad the running of hoca houses a capital offence."

Does Mazarin remind anyone _else_ of Richlieu? ;-) ;-)
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