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Mark Waks justin at inmet.com
Thu Jul 24 07:39:58 PDT 1997

Ryan asks:
>I just recently subscribed to this list and I was wondering if anyone 
>could tell me of any sites that I could possibly download all the 
>information necessary for recreating some period games?

The Period Games Homepage can be found at:


That contains all worthwhile pointers to information about period
games that I am aware of on the Web. (About half are hosted here,
the remainder all over the Net.) If anyone knows of any useful
pointers that are *not* included in that page, please tell me...

Greg, Seaan -- can we put this pointer into the welcome message for
this list? I suspect it's going to be a FAQ...

Also -- I notice that a lot of messages are coming through with a
return address of "hist-games at rt.com". Is this a valid alias for
"hist-games at pbm.com"?

				-- Justin
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