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Tue Jul 22 01:58:59 PDT 1997

Mark Waks wrote:

> >Does anyone have any evidence of the rocks-and-pits games
> >(mancala, oware, trysse, and the numerous variations thereof)
> >actually being played in medieval/renaissance/baroque europe?
> >
> > [...]
> >
> >I've seen them referred to in a number of modern sources regarding
> >period games but nobody's been able to give me a primary reference.
> Nope. Have you actually seen references claiming that they were played
> in Europe? I've seen them claimed to be "period" in some sources, but
> never specifically for Europe -- it's usually in sources like
> Salaamallah's Medieval Games, which casts a deliberately broad net
> (including Asia as well as Africa)...

Salamallah indicates that they spread to all of the moslem lands,
which I would have to assume included Spain and probably Sicily.

John Sands (a local games manufacturer) produced a version of
Mancala called OhWahRee.  There's a pamphlet that comes with
the game saying "games of this type were popular throughout
Africa and were played in Europe ...".  No cross reference or
corresponding evidence.  By Europe they may just well mean

Salamallah also indicates that a version was played in the
Aegean islands (at least that's what I assume he means by
"off the east coast of Greece" ... let's not assume that they
went out in their boats and sailed off the coast and played it).

That's as much as I've got.

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