hist-games: Re: rocks and pits

Mark Waks justin at inmet.com
Mon Jul 21 10:53:21 PDT 1997

Over on the first iteration of this list, Del started things off
by asking:
>Does anyone have any evidence of the rocks-and-pits games
>(mancala, oware, trysse, and the numerous variations thereof)
>actually being played in medieval/renaissance/baroque europe?
> [...]
>I've seen them referred to in a number of modern sources regarding
>period games but nobody's been able to give me a primary reference.

Nope. Have you actually seen references claiming that they were played
in Europe? I've seen them claimed to be "period" in some sources, but
never specifically for Europe -- it's usually in sources like
Salaamallah's Medieval Games, which casts a deliberately broad net
(including Asia as well as Africa)...

I have seen absolutely no references to the Mancala family in
period European sources myself yet...

				-- Justin

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