hist-brewing: Pre-Industrial kilning techniques

M Graham Dineley mgd at dineley.com
Thu Dec 6 01:08:37 PST 2012

I am interested in kilning techniques used before indirect heating became
common, especially direct firing.  Any good books?

Dan Listermann

Hi List,
Hi Dan,

 I am Graham Dineley. I have been making beer from the grain for 30years
now, and have been researching prehistoric and early malting and brewing
techniques for 15years. I joined this list yesterday.

There is a complete description of pre-industrial farming practices in John
Firth's book "Reminiscences of an Orkney Parish" . This includes the
harvesting, malting, kilning and brewing of the local "Bere" Barley. The
kilning uses traditional Orcadian Kilns, which finally went out of use in
the last 100years, and these seem to be the direct descendants of the
Viking Kilns and practices. I can scan the relevant sections and e-mail
them to you.

I also have access to a paper on "Corn Drying KIlns" by Lawrence Smith and
I can forward a copy of this to you as well.



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