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PS--Mouer assumes Mrs. Cary's high malt was brown malt, but you might also try making it with an amber malt, since this might have been available in Mrs. Cary's time as well.
A couple of books to add to Henry's recommendations might be Sanborn Brown's Wines and Beers of Old New England and David Alan Woolsey's Libations of the Eighteenth Century: A concise manual for the brewing of authentic beverages from the Colonial era of America, and of times past.
Have fun!

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Dear Kent,
Thank you very much for that link.  It's exactly the type of recipe and beer idea I was looking for.  I'll let you know how the brew turns out.  I'm in south NJ near Philadelphia.  Let me know if you are ever in the area.
cheers,  Bob

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Here's a link to a recreation of "Colonial Ale" from the Jan/Feb 2003 issue of Brew Your Own magazine:
I haven't personally tried to make it, but have been tempted. If you make a batch, then please send us all a note on the outcome.

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