hist-brewing: Colonial era brewing recipes

jazzbobob at aol.com jazzbobob at aol.com
Sat Dec 1 06:43:24 PST 2012

I'm looking for ideas to recreate early American beers.  I have recipes for Thomas Jefferson Ale and Washington Porter.  Does anyone have sources for other beers from this era or even earlier since Colonial breweries were established in the 1600's.  I'm guessing there were a lot of molasses and brown sugar based beers since barley malt was difficult to procure. How often did they use malted corn or other grains?  Did they also use other starchy vegetable sources such as pumpkin and peas or beans?  I know they also used herbs like ale hoof and ground ivy as alternatives to hops.  Are there recipes that indicate amounts and when to use those bittering agents?  Many thanks for sharing your ideas and thoughts.

Cheers,  Bob Grossman  JazzboBob at aol.com 

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