hist-brewing: 1596 wine making text

Jack C. Thompson tcl at teleport.com
Tue Nov 15 02:09:40 PST 2011

The text I used was from a Xerox copy of the text sent to me from
the Yale Center for British Art, in New Haven, Connecticut.

I've just looked back at our correspondence from the early 1990's
and read that the text was un-bound at that time.

The text was printed on paper and I have no idea of what style of 
binding it was taken from.

In my work restoring books from the 12th - 18th centuries in Europe
I know, in general, about the bindings, but 'bookes of secrets' are
in a category of their own, and this one was bound with another text,
translated by the same author, about making inks, and that was the one
I was most interested in.

The wine text was just sort of 'there' and it seemed worth typing up.
Glad that some of you liked it.


>I don't think it's off topic at all.  This group regularly wanders over and
discusses all the many types of fermented product. It is a good read.

>Is the original manuscript available anywhere? I have just as much interest 
in period calligraphy and bookbinding as I do in wine making  :)


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