hist-brewing: mash temperature control/ reflection off the water

Merryn Dineley merryn at dineley.com
Fri Mar 5 01:45:08 PST 2010

I would agree with this. The water becomes still enough for a clear 
reflection, and there is no need for a thermometer to get the right 
water temperature for adding the mash. I cannot explain it in Physics 
terms, but it is easy to see in practice.


Martyn Cornell wrote:
> On 04/03/2010 20:25, "Deborah Wood" <garwood2 at sympatico.ca> wrote:
>> The surface tension of the water changes as it is heated,
> I believe (but I'm prepared to be corrected) that it's the refractive index
> of the water that changes as it reaches the right temperature, and "when you
> can see your face in the water" was, indeed, the method used by
> pre-thermometer brewers to gauge when the right temperature had been
> reached. (This is frequently misinterpreted today by commentators on old
> brewing texts as being something to do with when the steam had cleared from
> the water.)
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