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All, a buddy and fellow brewer alerted me to this latest thread and this is a great topic with terrific comments!

To those wishing to learn a lot more--maybe more than you care to know--on the topic of how brewing got started around the world, mashing grain, malting grain, etc, check out this paper published in a recent issue of the magazine Fungi (for which I am the editor). http://www.fungimag.com/fall-09-articles/dregs.pdf
It was published by a scientist at Washington State Univ and the USDA, Frank Dugan (and he's also published a very famous book called Fungi in the Ancient World). 

It's a tremendous, well research and completely comprehensive paper on the topic of the advent of fermention. The entire paper can be seen / downloaded from the link above. 

Keep up the great work on this Brewing Page!

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