hist-brewing: Wormwood, Other Herbs, & Gruits

Joanna Bailey jbmail at isomedia.com
Fri Apr 3 18:58:19 PDT 2009

I have been making nettle braggots, using a general braggot recipe, and 
adding nettles to the boil. Works pretty well, and the resulting beverage 
tastes herbal with a bit of a warm flush after drinking half a bottle or so.

Last year's batch didn't work though. It never really carbonated, and tasted 
sort of off, but not to the point of vinegar. The mistake I made was that I 
completely forgot to add any hops. When I realized it, I meant to add some 
to the secondary, but for some reason spaced on that too.

I wonder if that's what made the batch not work, or some random factor. I 
have read that gruits were meant to be consumed soon after brewing, but I 
thought that was because they weren't bottled like modern beers.

Any ideas?
It's getting to nettle season in my area, and I'm planning to make a 5 
gallon batch of braggot. I'll use hops this time, since I have a lot of 
homegrown in the freezer to use up.


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>    I've enjoyed using wormwood & yarrow, mugwort, & heather & bog myrtle 
> in my ales. Why would anybody want to use hops??
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