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  Blanche brewed with wormwood

Micro-Brasserie du Lievre

The Micro-Brewery is located in northern Quebec in Mount Laurier, and  
consists of a Motel, Restaurant and Brewery all on one site.

You can visit their website at;
The beer is called;
La Blanche À L'Absinthe
Designed by the brewery owner Jonothan Sabourin. Typical all grain  
style Blanche, easy to drink, pleasing herbal aftertaste. They also  
brew a ginger beer, and a beer with carrots in the mash and which  
reflects the sense of humor of the brewery owner. Lievre in French  
translates as Jack Rabbit. As with all herbs, you need to test the  
strength before you brew an industrial sized batch to accurately  
calculate quantities, and have a predictable flavor profile.
I tasted the Blanche seasoned with wormwood on tap for the first time  
at The Mondial de la Bière in June 2008, it is now available in 341 ml  
bottles and only distributed in Quebec. You can see a photo of the  
label on their web site.

Deborah Wood

Le 09-04-01 à 09:21, MadTaz1 at aol.com a écrit :

> Since wormwood is supposedly the "active" ingredient in absinthe  
> this would add another interesting round of discussion. How is it  
> promoted?
> In a message dated 4/1/2009 8:14:13 A.M. Central Daylight Time, garwood2 at sympatico.ca 
>  writes:
> So not many people are writing about historic brewing these days, but
> up here in Quebec there have been some interesting commercial beers
> appearing that are brewed without hops. Usually they are made by
> smaller craft breweries that do not have long term contracts to obtain
> hops supplies.
> Example; Microbrasserei du Lievre in Mont Laurier has brewed a Blanche
> seasoned with wormwood. Well balanced, easy to drink, technically it
> is a gruit, although it is designed to be be drunk by ordinary people
> who just want to drink a refreshing Blanche.
> Deborah Wood
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