hist-brewing: brewing with herbs

Joanna jbmail at isomedia.com
Sat Aug 25 13:35:33 PDT 2007

I've done a nettle braggot that was really interesting. I don't have the 
actual recipe handy, but I made a 2.5 gallon test batch with cascade hops, 
american ale yeast, I think about 5lbs of local wildflower honey, and a huge 
pile of fresh-picked nettle tops. It turned out pretty good, but a definite 
herby taste that not everyone liked. After a few good swallows, we noticed a 
strong warm flush feeling, and a little bit of energy. That part faded by 
the time the beer was empty though. We let some age a little, 3 months 
maybe, and it improved. I will make more this coming spring.

We're planning to try yarrow beer/braggot as soon as we're done harvesting 
them. I like using a braggot recipe because I think the additional honey 
enhances the herb's qualities, but that's just my hunch. Catnip braggot is 
on the list too, hoping to get a relaxing beer.

-Joanna of Seven Trees 

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