hist-brewing: Brewing with herbs

Bill Velek billvelek at alltel.net
Sat Aug 25 11:23:14 PDT 2007

My hop garden did pretty well this year, and I've already brewed three 
batches with my homegrowns; the first turned out great -- 'wet-hopped', 
and the other two are still in carboys, although I had already dried 
those hops.  Now I'm planning to expand my beer gardening into 
brewing-herbs, and am searching for some recommendations.

First, I'm interested in which herbs seem to be the most popular or 
useful for brewing, even if you are not growing them yourself.  For some 
reason I have never made a Belgium in the past -- that's what I'm 
planning for my next brew probably next weekend -- and corriander (the 
seed from cilantro) has been recommended by another brewer as a good 
choice to grow to use for those.

Second, I'm particularly interested in any brewing herbs that can be 
grown in pots indoors so that ... 1.) I can get started without having 
to wait until next year, and ... 2.) most likely be able to grow just 
one or two plants without having to put up with weeding and pests, etc. 
  So any recommendations along those lines will be appreciated, too.

Finally, I have expanded the scope of my Grow-Hops group to now include 
herbs and grains, but there are not very many posts on those subjects 
yet, and apparently not too many members there who are doing that yet. 
But the amount of expertise and experience with hops among our 315 
members should make Grow-Hops the premier forum for information on that 
topic, and I hope to do the same regarding herbs and grains.  So if you 
are involved in gardening for your brewing, please help us out, and any 
recommendations that you might have will be greatly appreciated.  If 
interested, please visit  http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Grow-Hops

Thanks, and 'good brewing' to all.

Bill Velek

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