hist-brewing: Beers flavored with juniper twigs

Anders Christensen anders at geekhouse.no
Sun Apr 15 05:17:43 PDT 2007

The two Norwegian commercial craft breweries producing beers flavored
with juniper twigs are:

1) Ølve på Egge bryggeri, in Steinkjer. They produce several beers, of
which their "ØlveØl" and "Jubileumsøl Steinkjer 150 år" are both as far
as I know (and can taste) brewed with juniper.

2) Valdres gårdsbryggeri, in Volbu in Valdres. They have three beers, of
which one is made with juniper. It is called "Brisk", which is a local
name for juniper. 

They both produce for small, local markets, outside which their beers
are hard to find, even in Norway.

The Danish beer that I referred to, is Grauballe Enebær Stout, but note
that as far as I know, it is not produced with juniper twigs, but with
juniper berries. 

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