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I remember doing a porter w/spruce buds. Boiled the
buds as you would hops.

It tasted exactly like turpentine when done.

Being thrifty and somewhat of a packrat I put it

When moving a couple of years later re-discovered it.

Ya never know

Non-hopped beers do seem to often improve with age. 
Last year I was at a party that was running into the
wee hours yet had run out of alcohol.  Somehow in my
drunken stupor I managed to dig a bottle of old barley
wine out of the back of the hostesses' fridge.  I was
told it was from a batch of celebratory nuptial brew
that our mutual  brewing friend had done in honor of
another dear friend's wedding.  Into the brew he had
put damiana and other herbs fabled for their
aphrodisiacal effects.  It also contained honey,
nutmeg, mugwort and (I think) spruce.  The bottle had
been opened, slightly sampled and recapped (swingtop
of course) SIX YEARS BEFORE!  I pulled out the bottle
and was dared by all present to drink.  With the
critical thought characteristic of someone who is up
past their bedtime drinking, I accepted the dare.  It
was amazing!  Very wine like, aromatic and sweet.  I
woke up the next morning feeling (how shall we say)
frisky...yet with no trace of hangover!  Herbs...go

I suspect that the brew had enough honey in it to be
considered a braggot and that could partially explain
it's longevity.

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