hist-brewing: Gruit in the Americas

eusephus titnicker eusephus at yahoo.com
Mon Apr 9 13:48:48 PDT 2007

Hello, this is my first post.  I'm delighted that this
list exists!  Thanks to those who created it.

First, a historical question: I was wondering if there
is any history of gruit or other non-hopped malt
drinks being brewed in the Americas, either during the
Colonial era or post-Independence. 

I brewed a few batches of gruit with a friend a couple
of years ago.  We used mugwort, yarrow and spruce (and
occasionally wormwood.) I found myself quickly
becoming fond of the unique flavor.  I have just begun
brewing on my own and am looking forward to doing my
own gruit. I'm interested in any recipes or
suggustions of adjuncts that any might have.


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