hist-brewing: Special adjunct related to hops

Hal Neumann neander97 at yahoo.com
Sun Feb 25 15:34:12 PST 2007

You might contact the brewmaster at Kettle House in
Missoula, MT.  One of the specialty brews he turns out
is “Olde Bongwater Hemp Porter”.

Perhaps he’d have some tips that would be of help to
you – or perhaps not. 

He’s had a bit of trouble in the past from the
authorities over utilizing hemp in this manner, so he
might not want to give out advice to strangers.  But,
I can’t see that it would hurt to ask. 

Kettle House Brewing Company
602 Myrtle St.
Missoula MT 59801
khbc at kettlehouse.com

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The fish are biting. 
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