hist-brewing: Mead making at Cnut and Roisins on the 29 th

Lazurus106 at aol.com Lazurus106 at aol.com
Mon Oct 23 07:29:53 PDT 2006

Greetings Kinsman,
A reminder of the mead making get together at our house here in  Jarraveller. 
Its happening on the 29 th of October (that's this coming Sunday)  from 1 to 
6 PM. The address is 1514 Arrowood DR, Madison,WI 53704 phone is  609 244 4621 
I know mapquest can find us, I don't know about the other mapping  services.
 I could use a head count of those attending!
Hawthorne and Kori have there name on the last pail of goldenrod and I'm  
still waiting to get the last pail of wildflower to Hamish. I've been selling  
along so I've only got 800 or so pounds of honey on hand (yea rough I  know)
 The proposed projects it can go from a fairly loose work day to  formal 
class depending on the numbers.
 Unfortunately Master Halati will not be able to attend, a shame if  you 
haven't had a chance to work with this superb wine maker you've missed  out.
 A competition mead (straight mead) in a 15 gallon demijohn   a
> challenge in itself.
> A cyser (melomel) 5 gallon     
> An elderberry mead ( if I can get enough elderberries) 
>  (melomel) 6.5 gallon
> A mythoglyn of some sort 5 or 6  gallon
>  I have a 3 year old elderberry mead that  needs to be bottled
> (as I  use wine bottles and have a Portuguese  corker that
> should be a new experience for most) those who haven't  worked
> with Master Halati I have several meads in progress that  need
> to be decanted (moved to a new carboy)
> Those  are the projects I'd like to get started in the next
> month.  what  would you guys like to start? if you folks have
> enough projects  of  your own, any or all of these can be put 
> aside.
>  I have around 1200- 1300 pounds of honey on hand chokecherry,
> basswood,  goldenrod. All at $2 a pound for SCA vintners. its
> mostly in 3.5 and 5  gallon pails.  Hamish put his name on the
> last pail of wildflower.  So that's all gone.  One of the
> goldenrod pails needs to go home  with Hawthorne and Kori.
>  I've got most other materials acid blend,  citric acid, yeast 
> nutrient, yeast energizer, a dozen or so packets of  Lalvin
> K1V-1116 (my primary  all purpose mead yeast) another 10  of
> Lalvin D-47 (my second favorite mead yeast) also along with a
>  few dozen of other dry types and makes.  I've never had any
> luck  with slap packs so when you combine that with  the very
> high price  I don't use them.  If anyone is looking for other
> stuff ask me  first as I might have it around or be able to get
> it cheaper than a brew  shop.  Everyone is welcome if we get
> enough interest we can   do this again next month.  Despite one
> request for a costume (an  all hallows eve sort, not garb)
> time this is a working class and if you  work you will probably
> get dirty. so practical working cloths are  strongly
> recommended wether that is a camping T tunic and true's  or
> T shirt and jeans is up to you the basement here is normally
>  cool so a sweatshirt or easy to clean sweater is also
>  recommended.
>  To repeat this will start at 1 PM run  till 6 PM then we plan
> on  moving to Old Country Buffet for dinner  that should allow
> for most folks time to get home.
>  Cheers,
> Cnut

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