hist-brewing: Anyone using a "heat pipe" to cool fermenter? How about a p...

Bill Velek billvelek at alltel.net
Mon Feb 20 23:23:50 PST 2006

ZYMONAUT at aol.com wrote:

> this all sounds very interesting...I would prefer to try stainless steel as  
> it would be less reactive than copper.... unless you want to use copper to get 
>  rid of "rotten egg" odors in your brew...

Just thought of copper because of its heat conductivity.  If stainless 
is adequate for the job, then I suppose that would be better.

 > ...my chemistry isn't great but I
> do  remember a winemaker whom I worked with doing this successfully with very 
> large  "stinky" wines. Peltier devices , I think ,can be used in either  
> "direction".....good post..not too long at all..it makes one think.. B T W   , am 
> applying for my patent tomorrow...thanks.....hah haha  [joke]

Well, I have no intention of patenting it ... so go for it.  Seems like 
it would be too much work for the limited market and profits I could 
expect; aren't some folks like Bodensatz or Listermann into making and 
selling brewing gear?  Maybe they can make this thing.  I just want a 
'beta' prototype if someone starts selling this; then I'll be happy. ;-)

Cheers, Bill Velek
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