hist-brewing: Anyone using a "heat pipe" to cool fermenter? How about a p...

ZYMONAUT at aol.com ZYMONAUT at aol.com
Mon Feb 20 17:45:51 PST 2006

this all sounds very interesting...I would prefer to try stainless steel as  
it would be less reactive than copper.... unless you want to use copper to get 
 rid of "rotten egg" odors in your brew......my chemistry isn't great but I 
do  remember a winemaker whom I worked with doing this successfully with very 
large  "stinky" wines. Peltier devices , I think ,can be used in either  
"direction".....good post..not too long at all..it makes one think.. B T W   , am 
applying for my patent tomorrow...thanks.....hah haha  [joke]

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